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A New Kind of a Journey

I love traveling, seeing new places, learning more and more about different countries. However, I am a student. This means that I don’t have the time and the money to travel every week. This can’t stop me! Everyone of my friends and relatives has visited a country, city, village, or just a place that is impressive for them. I started interviewing them since I was curious to hear about those places.

At first I was not that encouraged. After I published my first post I was really excited from what I heard and read about Denmark. Then I started preparing every new post right after the publishing of the previous one. When I was writing my third and forth posts I was already thinking how amazing were these stories. I really want to go to all the places I wrote about. I want to visit the amazing Viking Ship Museum. I feel like going on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. I’d love to see the Great Toronto Area from the CN Tower.

I felt like I was visiting all the places just from listening and writing about them. When I saw the pictures of the gingerbread houses in Martha’s Vineyard I played the interview with Yana talking about them. I realized I shared Yana’s opinion. I thought

“Martha’s Vineyard is not America, it’s a little piece of heaven in America,” just like she said.

I visited Spain several years ago. I decided to share my experience with the readers of my blog. I didn’t think that Spain is such an adventure before writing about the country. I want to go back there and see even more.

To be honest, it was never my dream to go to Canada…until my brother told me about his trip.

“It was very shocking the first time,”

he said after going to the CN Tower. Later, when I saw his pictures, I was astonished just by looking at the photos. It completely changed my mind about not going to Canada.

The post after Canada was for Bulgaria. Bulgaria is my home country and I love it very much. It also has so much to offer to all the travelers and tourists. After I learned about the 5-shot video sequence in my journalism class, I decided my video to be about something that happened on my sightseeing trip in Bulgaria. The video is of a friend of mine tasting wine in Melnik. Melnik is famous for the most delicious and exquisite red wine. I also decided to tell my readers about Rila Monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Bulgaria.

“The monastery looks majestic.”

I think this every time I see picture of the place or think about it. Furthermore, next week I’ll visit it again.

It is already the middle of the semester for me. For two months I have “visited” so many beautiful places through the eyes of other people. I learned so many things about the places I visited as well as many things about journalism and my major as a whole. It’s been an incredible new kind of a journey for me.

Here a small video summarizing my experience:

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A friend of mine, Kaloyan Vasilev, visited Denmark a couple of years ago. Every time we talk about going to a different country, he always mentions his experience in Denmark.

He describes Denmark as really different from his home country which is Bulgaria.

In Denmark a big impression for him made the buildings. The architecture styles used are the ones that were used in the 16th and 17th centuries.

“They are really dim and tall”, he says.

The domes are sharp and pointy. It was impressive for him to see old buildings, that were in perfect condition, in the 21st century.

One of the buildings that impressed him the most was the train station in Copenhagen. This is an old building which connects antiquity and modern technology in one. The building is also one with a pointy dome. If you see it your first thought would be what a beautiful building. You’ll never think that it is a train station, if you don’t see the trains going out of there. When you go inside you’ll see all the lifts and escalators that are perfectly combined with the old architectural style of the building. Then there come the trains, which are really fast, ones that they didn’t have in the past for sure.

Even though Hamlet is a fiction character of Shakespeare, there is a castle named after the character. The actual name of the castle name is Kronberg. Kronborg is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. It is also part of UNESCO. Kaloyan was impressed by all the knight armors and old paintings in the castle.

Another place that impressed him very much was the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. In the museum you can see original real ships of the Vikings. Vikings were the first people to live in Denmark. The ships in the museum are reconstructed using leftovers from the damaged ones. They are made in the exactly same manner as the Vikings used to make them. Around the 11th century five ships were sunk at Skudelev in Roskilde Fjord. The point of this was to protect Roskilde from enemy attacks from the sea. The ships turned out to be different types ranging from ships used for delivering cargos to ships of war.

Another curious thing about Denmark is the people.

“The people are great they are so open minded and friendly”, says Kaloyan.

He told me that one can always ask for directions or just chat with strangers on the street, even in English. He is impressed by the fact that many people speak English, even if it is not that fluently, they are ready to help.

Kaloyan’s advice is if you ever have the opportunity to go to Denmark, you should go. Even if it’s just for a few hours between switching a flight to somewhere else, go around the city just to enrich your knowledge.

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