Wildwood, New Jersey

During the summer of 2012 I was in the USA on a Work and Travel program. Most of the time I was busy at work, but I was still able to travel a bit. I was in Wildwood, New Jersey. New Jersey is not the most beautiful place in the USA, but with friends and some free time one can have a great time there.

There are three amusement parks in Wildwood. Mostly foreigners worked there. A good thing is that many Bulgarians had a job at the Morey’s Piers parks, so I was able to try some of the attractions without paying, because I was there to save money. The attractions vary from ones for kids to ones for brave people. One of the scary attractions was ‘The Skyscraper.’ This is a bar, which is attached to a motor in the middle. At the two ends of the bars there are cabins. They are attached in a way that allows them to turn. The whole thing is around 50 meters tall and it rotates with up to 55 mph. Because of the freely moving cabins it turns you upside down in every possible way.

I also like going just for a walk in the nature. Adam is a friend of mine who I met there and he showed me many beautiful places in the nature. One of them was Delaware Bay. We went there at sunset. The view was amazing. The blue in the sky was turning orange and red and it was merging with the greenish color of the ocean. There was no one there except for us. And while watching this beautiful view, the waves from the ocean were crashing at the little beach there.

On our way back to Wildwood, we saw falcon nests and we stopped in order to take some photos. These birds are very beautiful, but after stopping and getting a bit closer they got annoyed. They even became hostile, because they were afraid for their nests. They started flying around as a sign of protection of their territory. That way they showed that they are prone to attacking us if we go any closer. It was a really nice sight.

It was almost the end of the summer and Adam told me about a trip with a boat that goes deep into the ocean to watch dolphins. I have seen dolphins many times, but this was the first time I saw dolphins in their natural environment. They were afraid to jump out of the water, but still they were swimming around the boat and I was able to make some photos and I had a great time.

Because of Adam, I was able to see some really nice places in Wildwood and to have a great time there. Thank you. 🙂

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A New Kind of a Journey

I love traveling, seeing new places, learning more and more about different countries. However, I am a student. This means that I don’t have the time and the money to travel every week. This can’t stop me! Everyone of my friends and relatives has visited a country, city, village, or just a place that is impressive for them. I started interviewing them since I was curious to hear about those places.

At first I was not that encouraged. After I published my first post I was really excited from what I heard and read about Denmark. Then I started preparing every new post right after the publishing of the previous one. When I was writing my third and forth posts I was already thinking how amazing were these stories. I really want to go to all the places I wrote about. I want to visit the amazing Viking Ship Museum. I feel like going on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. I’d love to see the Great Toronto Area from the CN Tower.

I felt like I was visiting all the places just from listening and writing about them. When I saw the pictures of the gingerbread houses in Martha’s Vineyard I played the interview with Yana talking about them. I realized I shared Yana’s opinion. I thought

“Martha’s Vineyard is not America, it’s a little piece of heaven in America,” just like she said.

I visited Spain several years ago. I decided to share my experience with the readers of my blog. I didn’t think that Spain is such an adventure before writing about the country. I want to go back there and see even more.

To be honest, it was never my dream to go to Canada…until my brother told me about his trip.

“It was very shocking the first time,”

he said after going to the CN Tower. Later, when I saw his pictures, I was astonished just by looking at the photos. It completely changed my mind about not going to Canada.

The post after Canada was for Bulgaria. Bulgaria is my home country and I love it very much. It also has so much to offer to all the travelers and tourists. After I learned about the 5-shot video sequence in my journalism class, I decided my video to be about something that happened on my sightseeing trip in Bulgaria. The video is of a friend of mine tasting wine in Melnik. Melnik is famous for the most delicious and exquisite red wine. I also decided to tell my readers about Rila Monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Bulgaria.

“The monastery looks majestic.”

I think this every time I see picture of the place or think about it. Furthermore, next week I’ll visit it again.

It is already the middle of the semester for me. For two months I have “visited” so many beautiful places through the eyes of other people. I learned so many things about the places I visited as well as many things about journalism and my major as a whole. It’s been an incredible new kind of a journey for me.

Here a small video summarizing my experience:

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