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What is traveling?

This is an experience valuable for many people. During this semester I managed to visit many places myself and to find out very interesting things through other people. I also learned many new things about journalism and filming. (Remember? This blog is also part of my Multimedia Journalism class. 🙂 )

A place I told you about after my previous summary post is London. London is a major and popular capital city. I listened Boryana talking with pleasure, because I’ve never visited London. She told me about the London Eye.

“It’s really big. When you go on the top, you can see the whole city and it’s really beautiful.”

She also told me about Buckingham Palace and London Sea Life Aquarium.

Another amazing place I visited personally is New York City – The Big Apple. I asked Panayot Apostolov, a friend of mine, to tell me about his impressions from the big city. While listening and editing the video for New York, I remembered all the fun we had there. I remembered everything about the city. The first impression of Central Park:

Panayot said, “It is beautiful. It is like a jungle. You can’t tell that you’re in New York. You go in there and you see so many little animals. It’s like little forest. You can feel it, it is like a big lung in the center. You cannot actually hear a noise there. It is like there is a big bubble, you cannot be distracted by New York within New York.”

I remembered the beautiful sight from the top floor of Empire State Building:

“We went there at dusk and saw the whole city. We saw the transition between dusk going to full darkness of the night. That was something amazing. It was beautiful. The sky was clear. It was something amazing,” said Panayot.

The 9/11 Memorial Park was also a thing I saw for a first time in my life. The park is almost a portal for traveling back in time. The second you enter it, all the noise dies and you feel the sadness there. You feel for all the grieving people.

Panayot described the place, “What they made at Ground Zero is unbelievable. It’s very impressive. There’s waterfalls where the water pours into the ground and that’s why it’s called ground zero.”

Through these amazing experiences I also improved my filming and editing skills I had from the BBC 5-shot video sequence. At the moment I was making the video for NYC I was very glad that I actually shot several videos when I was there.

This semester I learned to be persistent and to ask…to ask a lot.

Will I continue my blog? Yes, I will try to continue it. I may not be able to post every week, but I’ll try to post as much as possible.

Here’s a short video about traveling:

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